Genealogist Affiliation Programme

If you are a professional genealogist, you can apply to join our Genealogist Affiliation programme. The programme is designed to provide those who wish to apply for a Certificate of Irish Heritage with the opportunity to engage a professional genealogist to assist with the application process, whilst enabling you, as a professional genealogist, to include the Certificate of Irish Heritage in your own suite of products.

Member Requirements

Members will be required to:

  • Actively promote the Certificate of Irish Heritage as part of their services
  • Ensure applications completed adhere to the eligibility requirements and application criteria set out in this website

Membership is open to professional genealogists – please contact us for more information on our membership criteria.

The Certificate of Irish Heritage is not a party to any research or service agreements entered into between consumers and affiliated genealogists, and consequently is not responsible for the terms or outcome of any such agreement

FEXCO reserves at its absolute discretion the right to terminate the affiliation of any genealogist who brings the good name or reputation of the Certificate of Irish Heritage, FEXCO or the Irish Government into disrepute.

Benefits of Membership

  • Individual listing in the Affiliated Genealogists section of our website, including contact details, link to your website, a photograph of you or your logo, a short paragraph outlining your services and specialisms
  • Earn commission on Certificate of Irish Heritage sales
  • Use of Affiliate Genealogist Certificate of Irish Heritage branded logos on your website and printed materials
  • A unique log-in to the Certificate of Irish Heritage application website enabling you to complete applications on behalf of your clients

To join the Genealogist Affiliation Programme or to find out more, contact us at [email protected].